Helping you puzzle out your storage

Helping You Puzzle Out Your Storage

Packing your items into your storage unit can be frustrating a times. What is the best way to put the items where you want them? Follow these 7 easy tips to ensure your items are kept clean, organized and accessible.

  1. Leave a little space around the edges for ventilation.
  2. Put padding between items and concrete floors. (pallet, plastic sheet, corrugated cardboard)
  3. Do not lean anything against the walls.
  4. Leave a small walking path to the back of the unit, if possible. This will help with access to your items stored here.
  5. Use all space to your advantage. There is height as well that you can go to.
  6. Stack heavy items on the bottom so you don’t break fragile items and boxes hold up longer.
  7. Place items that you use frequently near the door. Making them accessible at all times.

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