Trust Sawnee Storage for all your self storage needs

With our locally owned and operated self storage facility, taking care of you and your precious belongings is our number one goal. With 24/7 keypad access you can visit your storage unit whenever you want or need. We even provide RV, Boat and Auto Storage. Call today and ask what Sawnee Storage can do for you.

RV, Boat and Auto self storage offered at Sawnee Storage

RV, Boat and Automobile Storage

Is there a new RV, Boat or Automobile that you are wanting but you just don’t have the space at home? Do you already own one of these and you are finding it hard to justify the amount of space you are using for it?

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Are you getting ready to sell your recreational vehicle to get some space back? Don’t!

Let Sawnee Storage help you out. We have storage space for RV’s, Boats and Automobiles that will fit your needs. With affordable pricing and reliable options, you can keep your favorite things and have the space you crave at home.

Our self storage facility offers keypad entries that are recorded at all times.  The facility is fenced and lighted as well. All this is for your safety and the safety of your precious items. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your self storage needs.

Self Storage Unit Sizes And Costs

Self Storage Units at Sawnee Storage
Self Storage Unit SizesCost Per Month
10 X 10$78.00
10 X 15$98.00
10 X 20$125.00
Self Storage Units at Sawnee Storage
ParkingCost Per Month

Locally Owned and Operated,

Sawnee Storage Features:

  • 24/7 Key Pad Access (all entries recorded at all times)
  • Fenced and Lighted for your protection
  • Multiple Sizes with Drive Up Access. Choose the one that best fits your needs
  • Your Lock and Key, so you control who can get into your self storage unit
  • RV, Boat and Auto Storage. Having room for fun just got easier.
  • Insurance Available upon request
  • Commercial and Residential self storage units available
  • Conveniently Located on Canton Highway in Forsyth County
  • Clean units ready for you to use
  • Wide Aisles make it easier to maneuver
  • Convenient to Lake Lanier and the North Georgia Mountains
Person signing a lease

Self Storage Leasing Information

Please call us for leasing information. Our Sawnee Storage representatives will gladly help you out.

If you prefer that we contact you, please email us at

On-site management office is located at:

2879 Canton Hwy
Cumming, GA 30040

Item Storage Tips

At Sawnee Storage we know putting large appliances into your self storage unit can seem like a chore. If you follow these simple tips it will go much smoother.

  1. Make sure to clean all appliances before you store them.
  2. If you are storing a refrigerator or freezer, it will need to be dry and the door will need to be left open a little bit.
  3. Use the space of the appliances to your advantage. You can store boxes on the shelves inside them and stack some boxes on the top of them.
  4. Keep cords from being tripped over by bundling them together.

Make sure no food is stored in the appliances while they are in storage.

Putting your furniture into storage so that it only takes up part of the space can seem overwhelming. Follow these simple tips to make the process effortless.

  1. Place something on the floor of the self storage unit to protect your furniture. It can be a pallet, corrugated cardboard or even a plastic sheet.
  2. Next stand up sofas and mattresses on end on the floor covering.
  3. Disassemble all furniture that can be. If you are not able to take your table apart, place it upside down on padding. Make sure the legs are pointing towards the ceiling.
  4. Wrap table legs in paper to protect them.
  5. Put your dressers to use. Place cartons on top of them and put small or delicate items inside the drawers.
  6. Put lightweight chairs “seat to seat” when possible. Or place upside down on tables that cannot be disassembled.
  7. Place a light cotton sheet over the furniture to protect from dust.


Trying not to have your mirrors, windows or screens broken? Make sure to store them on edge and not flat. This will protect you from putting boxes on top of them and potentially breaking them.

Damage in a self storage unit

Helpful Storage Tips

Not wanting your boxes or containers to fall? One of the best ways to ensure your valuable items do not get damaged is to make sure each container is full. If you leave them partially empty or even over pack them, you run the risk of tipping or collapse.

Put your heavy items in smaller boxes so they are easier for you to transport. Also, don’t forget to protect your fragile items. Wrap them in bubble wrap and put them on the top of the heavier items in your self storage unit.

Put some form of label on every box and make a list to take home with the information. Make sure you put on the list what the label is and a brief description of the items in each box. This will make it easier for you to locate your valuables when you need them.

Follow these tips for a clean, organized and easily accessible self storage unit.

  1. Leave a little space around the edges for ventilation.
  2. Put padding between items and concrete floors. (pallet, plastic sheet, corrugated cardboard)
  3. Do not lean anything against the walls.
  4. Leave a small walking path to the back of the unit, if possible. This will help with access to your items stored here.
  5. Use all space to your advantage. There is height as well that you can go to.
  6. Stack heavy items on the bottom so you don’t break fragile items and boxes hold up longer.
  7. Place items that you use frequently near the door. Making them accessible at all times.

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